German Styled Pretzel Bread

(Dairy Free)German Styled Pretzel Bread


- 4 Servings
- Prep Time: 30 minutes
- Cook Time: 15 minutes
- Total Time: 45 minutes
- Difficulty: Medium 


-500g Bread Flour
-17g Granulated Sugar
-7g dried yeast (~1 packet)
-10g salt
-30g spreadable olive oil butter
-300 ml  of a lager beer (such as Heineken)
-Baking Soda 50g+ (depends on pot size)


1) Mix Bread Flour, Suger, Salt, Yeast and butter into a large bowl.
2) Add beer, then mix by hand. Be sure to most of the mixture off of the sides of the bowl, it will want to stick. Mixture should be sticky, but pull clean from bowl when grabbed.
3) Fold dough for about 10 minutes. Alternate the direction you fold after each one. Work in any lose flour during this step by placing it inside of the folds.
4) Tuck dough into a ball and cover in a large bowl with plastic wrap for 10 minutes.
5) Roll dough into a large tube and cut into 4-5 segments. Roll each segment into its own tube. Return the segments into the bowl and cover for an additional 10 minutes. 
6) Fill a large rimmed pot with enough water that a segment could float without touching the bottom. Add Baking Soda, starting at 50g, and adding more if needed until water is fully saturated.
7) Heat water to boil and add in dough segments 1-by-1, heating for 10 seconds on each side by flipping them. Then remove from pot.
8) Spoon the water mix on top, and add on your favorite toppings. I went for cinnamon sugar, salt, and sesame seeds. (In hindsight I would have done the cinnamon sugar after cooking as the sugar burned.).
9) Score each segment with a wet knife. 2-3 lines each, evenly spaced out.
10) Heat over to 400F
11) On a parchment or foil lined baking sheet (be sure to oil so they done stick) place dough segments as spaced out as possible so they don't merge during cooking. Cook pretzels on middle rack for 13-15 minutes.
12) Pull out of over and wait for them to rest, about 30-60 seconds, then enjoy.